Friday, July 1, 2016

What a Dinner!!!!

 We had another break in the weather...even a little rain by this afternoon.

 After chores I went to Agape and read my book while I was on the elliptical (20 min.) 
and bike (20 min.).  Cooled down on the treadmill for 5 minutes and left around noon.
 I made a couple stops on the way home....the bank and Wegmans.
As we were going to dinner at Judy's tonight, I prepared my contribution....coleslaw.
 Gary spent a lot of time watering our veggie gardens after weeding the raised bed
at The Center and adding more mulch. 

 Judy gave us this moon flower a few weeks ago and it is starting to perk up.  We have had many blossoms.
 The horses were hanging out in the front paddock late afternoon, it was certainly cool enough for them to be in the pasture.

 Before we drove down to Judy's, Gary gathered some garlic scapes. 
She wants to make pesto.

 Judy was all ready for us when we got there.

 She prepared one of my all time favorites for dinner....
... won this apron in a rib contest and I can see why!
The table was set out on her porch.

 with a beautiful view of the woods.
 What a fabulous meal!!!!  Ribs with the best sauce I have ever tasted, rice and coleslaw.
And onion bread!
 Sally brought dessert...lemon bars topped with blueberries.
 By 9 we were all pooped and headed for home.
Thanks Jude!  We love spending our time with you and Sally.

 Night all.

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