Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Weeds Are Gone...

Perfectly gorgeous all day long.

After chores I decided to start mowing down the weeds in the pastures.  The grass situation was pretty sad, tho I do believe the inch of rain we got yesterday made a difference.

 I quit just before my class started.

 After lunch, I got back on the mower and finished the big pasture.

 A quick but delicious dinner.  Grilled chicken, basmati rice, peas 
and cottage cheese topped with peaches.
 I had a workshop/meeting tonight, but first I stopped at Finn's ball game for a few minutes.
Just as I arrived he had a great hit.

 He sure has grown up!

 Gary stayed for the entire game, and they won by 1 run.
It took just under 3 hours and it was starting to get dark.
I did not get home until 9:45 and the moon was waiting for me.

Ariana is going home tomorrow and it won't be long until she is off to Boise State for 
her freshman year.
Night all.


  1. What a beautiful moon ! I love your meals, so delicious looking. Hubby took the tractor and mowed the meadows a week ago. We've had lots of rainfall in between and farmers are having a hard time getting hay dried.

  2. We had beautiful weather yesterday too and today is just as nice. Gorgeous moon. That was a great hit by Finn. He is getting so tall. I'm sure Ariana is going to have a wonderful time in her freshman year.

  3. You did a good job cause we don't see a weed
    Lily & Edward


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