Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Slim Pickins'

It almost looked like rain this morning, but it never happened.
Over 90 degrees and very muggy by noon.

 After chores I had to organize some invitations for an event that is coming up, took a shower and got ready for class.
 Phoebe loves being out there with us.  I'm seriously thinking about getting her a new buddy.

 Gary spent a lot of time in the gardens today.  People came to buy rhubarb and garlic.  He also planted a lot of glads that should appear by early fall.
The red leaf lettuce is ready so I had some on a wrap for lunch.  Delicious.
Tina went home with that, spinach and a cabbage.

 The cucumbers are coming on strong and we should be eating them in a couple of days.
Yesterday we had a zucchini and another today.  What I am looking forward to the most is tomatoes.
 Dinner was leftovers.  Very easy.
We had a very long workshop meeting tonight (Town Board) and it was very productive.
Now I need to look for a new book to read.
Night all.


  1. The garden is really productive. My favorites are tomatoes too. Can't wait until they're ripe around here.im sure Phoebe would like a new buddy too. She must miss Gucci.

  2. Our garden is going strong now, but I think we've had much more rain these past few weeks than you. The sweet corn is loving the hot and muggy. I am so glad I planted sunflowers to shade my lettuce, it keeps it from getting sunburned!


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