Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Hot Stuff

It sure did not cool down much last night.
 After chores I had to run several errands.
My first stop was The Center, where I dropped off a basket of table clothes that will be used for our "get together" on Sunday.
Deanna has really been busy.
Richard Hart's show is now up in the cafe....

Quilts have been hung in the Octagon Room...

 the veggie garden is doing very well...

 and a ton of mulch has been put in all the gardens by one of our volunteers, (that he, the Association, Deanna and I donated to the cause).
He has put well over a hundred hours into the landscaping.  So grateful!
There has been a lot of progress made in the past 6 months.
 After that I stopped at Wegmans and Country Max before going back to the farm.

Around 2:30 Bentley arrived with his foster mom.  He and Phoebe were introduced outside and did pretty well together.  We spent at least an hour in the house and he seemed comfortable, but very shy about approaching me.  Fine with his foster mom.
 So adorable!  But he has a thing about men....
 Just before they left he was being held by Gail.  When Gary attempted to pet him Bentley snapped at him.  I walked him on a leash and tried to pet him....and he snapped at me.  That did not go over too well.  All the dogs we have rescued in the past have been very comfortable with us from the start.  This poor little guy has some baggage.  It does not seem to be a good fit and makes me question if we need a second dog.  At the moment, I don't think he would be very happy here.  Who knows what these pups have been through before being rescued.  Let's see what happens.
 Late afternoon I filled the small water trough (where Angel loves to play).
 Berlin and Abbe wanted no part of the hose....
 but Angel and Maggie couldn't wait to get sprayed.

 I went down to the Welcome Center at 7 for Summer Serenades.
 Tonight "The Third Degree" was on tap.
Fortunately there was a nice breeze and some of the humidity disappeared.

 There was a good crowd and

 the weather ended up being perfect.
Night all.


  1. The same weather here today. I'm not going to complain about the heat, although when the air went out in the office where I work, I certainly did.

    I'm sorry to read about Bentley snapping. Sometimes nerves get the best of some dogs who don't understand all the changes, and I respect and admire that you were willing to give him a chance at a good life! Follow your heart, you'll know what to do about adding a new addition.

  2. I've adopted two dogs and both turned out well, but that is not always the case. Both dogs came with issues that took me a year to train and work with them on.
    I know that right now, Morris would not tolerate a buddy and is perfectly happy as King of the House.
    He also gets along with our outside hound dogs and plays with them.

    I imagine that Bentley may have been a bit stressed, but as Kim said above, follow your heart, you'll know what to do.

  3. Good luck with Bentley. I hope he relaxes and gets over the snapping. Follow your intuition, and if he isn't right, listen to that. You have family and friends and students at your house often, you need a dog who can be happy with all of that.

  4. Bentley is adorable! But he may be better suited with a single woman rather than under stress at your very lively and bustling home. So sad that any animal has to live a life afraid. But you're part of his recovery even if he's not meant to be with you. Hopefully the more people he meets and places he goes he will learn to trust people again.


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