Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wait Until You See What Was In My Wrist!

Thanks to Karen for doing chores this morning, as by 6:15am Gary was driving me to Penfield for surgery on my wrist.  The temperature was in the low 40s and it was very cloudy.
 I went to the Rochester Ambulatory Surgery Center
which is in Linden Oaks (what an amazing campus).

 I was very impressed with the facility, the nurses and the surgeon.
 Look at what has been in my wrist for the past 12 months!
 By 10am we were headed home...back over the Fredy Sue bridge.

 And once again...past the Hall of Justice, where I will be tomorrow.
 By the time we got near home, the sky was brilliant and the temperature 
was almost in the high 50s.
 Yesterday, Kathy K., the owner of Sara's where Gary works, sent home these flowers for me.
 She sure knows how to create beautiful arrangements.

 Between being put under and given a pain pill, I was very unsteady...even when we got back to the farm.  So, I got in bed....Gary brought me lunch....and I passed out until 3:45.
I was very curious about the size of the two pieces of wood that came out of me...so I got out a ruler and was amazed at the size.  Both were over half an inch long!  
Gary will have to help me with chores and I have to keep my arm covered 
until the stitches are removed.
 My power nap really helped me and I was back to normal and able to make dinner.

 Nothing fancy...just used the leftover sauce from a couple of days ago.
 I went out to see Karen and the horses for a few minutes.

 She really has been a big help.
 There was a lot of activity out back today.  They were finally knocking down the enormous piles of dirt that were next to the driveway.  It certainly looks a LOT better.
 After dinner, we went to vote....
 and Gary dropped me off
 at the Town Hall for a workshop/meeting.
Back home and still feeling pretty good!
Night all.


  1. You sure did a lot during the day for someone who just had surgery! Glad you got those hunks of tree out of your wrist - ouch!!

  2. Delighted to know that you are mending, friend

  3. Oh Lori! That is so scary that those pieces of wood were hiding in your arm!! Rest up!

  4. How did you manage to do all that after day surgery? And how did those bits get into your arm? Take care, rest up and recover well.

  5. Ouch! That's some impressive wood pieces to be carrying around for a year in your wrist. Glad you're on the mend now. Maybe you should try to take it a little easy until the stitches come out. Beautiful flower arrangement, I'll bet it makes you feel a little better.

  6. Whoa! Awfully big chunks of wood to have in there for so long. I'll bet you feel a lot better knowing they're gone. Beautiful flowers!

  7. That is incredible! I've never seen chunks of wood like that inside a person!

  8. You're a trooper! how did that wood get inside your wrist???


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