Saturday, April 2, 2016

Time Out For The Syracuse Game!

A very weird day.
Other than a very soggy paddock, it did not look too bad when I went out to the barn.

 The girls had their breakfast and were turned out for about 20 minutes when we had a
torrential down pour!
Abbe was drenched within 2 minutes...we put them back in their stalls.

 I had a 10:30 appointment with the massage therapist and on my way down to Brockport the sun came out.   Of course.

 After stopping at the bank, I drove home and let the girls back out.
 Gucci and Seymour were sacked out on our bed.

 Karen did chores for me tonight so we could go to Annie's birthday party at 5.
 Here is just a small sample of the pot luck feast.

 Below was my favorite dish....a corn bread salad!  Boy, am I going to try this!
 As per usual, Adam came through with
 one of his fabulous homemade breads.  He sure knows what he is doing.

 A very nice celebration for Annie.  Met some new people and touched base with old friends.
 We had also been invited to Jenny's for her annual chili party, so we stopped in on our way home.
The place was loaded with kids, parents, 6 different kinds of chili and all kinds of other food.
Gary and I managed to have just a taste.

 By the time we got home, it was 32 degrees and the snow was sticking to my car.
Because we only have (very) basic cable, I am watching the game on my phone and when this post is finished I will find it on my computer.
Got to go now.
Night all.

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  1. That cake looks very tasty. We had some snow last night too. Not much but annoying anyway. Really high winds too. Gucci and Seymour have the right idea for the middle of the day.


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