Saturday, April 16, 2016

Such Progress....

 Another crispy, gorgeous morning headed toward 70 degrees.

 After chores the pups and I just had to check out The Center to see how far they got with the painting yesterday.
 The dining room had one coat of paint on the walls so I could really get the feeling of how it was going to work.  Our palette was made up of terracotta and other very earthy tones.  A major change for these spaces.

 Bob was about 25 feet in the air priming the Octagon Room.

 The front garden that we planted a year ago was loaded with daffodils.

 Home by 10 and got out the garden tractor (a 20+ year old Toro without a deck) and drag again.  Redid the outdoor arena and a couple of the dirt paddocks, which should really be in good shape by tomorrow.
 It's good to see some colors popping up.
 Gary has managed to put up another set of wires for the raspberries....
 and this is a beautiful example of how you properly mulch your garlic.
Tons and tons of leaves were put on the planted cloves last fall and that should
prevent weeds.
 I decided to see if or lawn tractor worked and it started right up.  Had to put some air in the tires, but then it was good to go.  Started mowing, then Jenny and Scott arrived to take the dogs for a run out back.
 We had lunch together, then I finished the rest of the yard.
 It looks so much better.

 At 4 I drove back down to The Center (with the dogs) to see what else was done.
 The dining room had been given a second coat....
 The front entrance/hall was almost finished....
 the entire Octagon Room was primed...
 (my favorite photo of the day....below)
 and Bob started adding color.  It is several shades darker than the dining room and makes
one heck of a statement.  I am so revvvvvved!  On Tuesday this is one of the voting places for the Primary, so tons of people will get to see the finished product.
 Jenny and Scott invited us to dinner tonight.

 We had a salad of mixed greens with Granny Smith apples and blue cheese...
 shish ki bobs

 Jasmine rice
 and asparagus.
Everything was cooked to perfection!
Better than any restaurant!
 Ice was hiding upstairs and Buster was sacked out on the couch.  The run he had today must have pooped him out.
Night all.
Tomorrow is going to be a very special day.
Several of us are attending a luncheon for women who are elected officials.  It is on behalf of Hillary Clinton and will be hosted by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Lt. Governor Kathy Hocul with special guest Carole King!
(I still have her vinyl Tapestry Album...talk about the old days).
Very nice to be included.


  1. I am at a campground that actually has Internet that works! Usually it limps along and takes forever to open anything and I give up! So... I've been catching up on all of my friends, and reading back through their blogs. So much fun to see all that you have been doing, and I am so sorry to hear about your wrist. Hopefully you've gotten to the root (branch?) of the problem and all will heal well. I love seeing your garden come to life. There is something special about new plants poking up. I have some gourd seeds on the motorhome and must get them started. Thanks for reminding me!! The center looks wonderful. I love the colors - I'm and earthy-tone girl myself! Take care!

  2. How exciting about Carole King! I wonder if Ruth Reichl might find her way there, too. They roomed together randomly in Israel before either were famous!


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