Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I've Lost My Marbles!!!

That's what happens when you are trying to do too much.
Morning chores were the same as usual.

 Before going in the house I checked out the gardens on the north side of the property.
 Lots of daffodils, garlic
 and rhubarb showing up (which was larger than this before we got slammed with snow and freezing temperatures).

 At 10:30 I was in Rochester for my annual check up with the dermatologist.  Everything was ok.
After that, I met Jen at her office so we could go to lunch at The City Grill.

 On Monday I had gone to my Doctor for another consult on my wrist (kept draining) and was advised to make an appointment with a hand/wrist surgeon.  Fortunately they got me in today at 1:15 so I took full advantage since I have grand jury duty tomorrow.
Here's what's going on.  A year ago I was pruning in the garden...tripped on a root and fell on a branch that I had just cut.  It put a hole in my wrist about the size of a nickel and I went to the emergency room where they cleaned it out and stitched me up.  After the stitches were removed it drained for a couple of weeks.  It was really an ugly area and I thought it was scar tissue.  But I changed my mind about that.  A month ago I hit that area on something and a blood blister appeared.  Went to the Doctor.  It exploded and has been draining ever since.  What I thought was scar tissue has disappeared by about 80% with all this gunk coming out.  I'm pretty sure something is still in there (little bits of wood from the branch).  So, on Tuesday the surgeon is going to clean that area out.  I can't wait......ugh.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been on a strong antibiotic that makes me feel like crap.  Tomorrow is my last dose.
I had never been to Linden Oaks (where the Doctor was located).  What a complex!
 On my way home....

 I decided to stop at The Center to see how the painting project was coming along.

 They were filling in cracks and holes in the Octagon room, priming the dining room,
two of the bathrooms were painted
 and Deanna converted a small office space into a computer room
It's a perfect spot!
By the time I got back to the farm I was whipped.
I started making dinner...simple, just homefries, eggs and toast.

 About 6:30 the phone rang.
"Lori, this is Ann K. .  Are you coming to dinner?"
Yikes!  This was the night of our monthly get together with Ron, Ann, Brenda and Al!
I forgot!  They were waiting.  Long story short....we stayed home and I owe them BIG TIME!
I guess my insane schedule finally caught up with me.
Tomorrow, it's back to Jury duty.
So now, Gary has started a fire and I am going to crash.
 I need to get my act together.
Night all.
We are into sunshine.  Still very cold today but things are really going to start
shaping up tomorrow.


  1. I'm sure you're forgiven for missing the dinner. Hope you get your wrist sorted out soon it sounds annoying to deal with. Try to take it easy too if possible.

  2. If it makes you feel any better I forgot about eggs boiling for Barbie for about an hour. Was not a pretty sight or smell. I had a house full of people and went downstairs to grab something and remembered I put them on my other range. Things happen! but am sorry you missed your monthly dinner. Those always look like so much fun!

  3. I think this time of year is crazy for all of us. Spring is like the mad rush of insanity.

  4. I forgot I had company coming last night! Saint Tim had to go to the grocery ;-).

  5. Sorry you missed your dinner . . .

    Hope the wrist procedure goes well and all is cleared up.


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