Sunday, April 3, 2016

How Sweet It Is....

to return to winter in April.

 And the wind!  Oh how I love the wind!

 As we were back in the teens, the girls had their heavy Rambos put on before we turned them out.
They all decided to go up the hill behind the barn where it was not blowing so hard.
 Abbe can't take her eyes off me if she thinks there are cookies in my pocket.
Just my camera.....

 Our poor willow tree has started greening up.  What is going to happen with this freeze?
 I pulled these dafs out of the snow to see if they could be saved.

 Sidney always know when to come in the house....

 Jenny, Scott and the boys were coming for dinner so I set the table and did a few things before going to the Sunday Jam session.

 As usual, we had a great time.
We are working on about 15 songs for our performance in mid May.
Let's see....today we had 5 guitars, a bass guitar, a mandolin, a fiddle,
3 baritone ukuleles and a percussionist.
Still having an absolute blast doing this!
 We are working on a Doo Wop medley for next week.
Love spending my Sunday afternoons with these people.

Back to the farm around 3:30 and got busy.
Started by chopping up 3 parsnips and 4 carrots to be roasted.
 Then, it was time to make about 30 potato pancakes.
 I had baked a ham (which we had planned to eat a week ago) late this morning.
 The roasted veggies and pancakes were all done before I went out to do chores.
 It was snowing like crazy (5:30) and we may get up to 7 inches tonight.

 The crew arrived a few minutes before I was finished and as soon as I got in we chowed.
 Baked ham with German mustard, potato pancakes (sour cream/applesauce and Scott loves to mix cottage cheese and sour cream), roasted parsnips/carrots, peas and a nice salad with bananas and apples.  No appetizers.  No dessert.  No more.
 How about this shot?
 They were playing with me.  "Nobody smile."

What a family!
Night all.

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  1. I love the pictures of Abbe in the snow! I'm worried about our plants too, though we didn't have the snow like you did - just some light flurries, it has been frigid.


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