Friday, April 22, 2016

Gucci Is Home, But Not Out Of The Woods...

 Hopefully she will get back to being herself very soon.
Her organs are good, her Heartworm and Tick tests came back negative.
She is on two meds (which she took very well tonigh†), ate all of her dinner, 
but is still very weak.  She will have more blood work done on Monday.
Can't say enough about Allen Edwards and the Brockport Animal Hospital.
So many people have sent her healing vibes.  Thank you!

As for the rest of my day....
Gary helped me with chores and we were done in no time.

 He has been plugging away at the gardens....we have SO many.

 Phoebe went to the barn with us and seemed to do ok without her sister.

By 8:45 I was in Rochester ready for duty.
At 9 I called the Animal Hospital to get an update.  Gucci ate her dinner last night and trotted
when they took her outside.  But... still very weak if she exerted herself.
At lunch time, the sky was gorgeous and it was in the 60s.
 Once again, we spent our break in the court yard.

 By late afternoon we finished up and I was more than ready to be with my dogs.
The trees have started blooming..a good sign.
 As soon as I got on 531, there was a downpour that lasted about 10 minutes.
 Gary picked up Gucci around 3:30 and I stopped to pay the bill on my way home.
Of course it was still raining....
 but not at the farm.  It passed us right by.

 Matt started working on the Studio yesterday
 and was all done by 6 tonight.  It looks like an old fashioned foundation.
This will motivate Gary to do the painting and hopefully the French door will go in when he finishes that.  Who knows, maybe he will do that first.
 6 out of 7 fruit trees have buds.  One young apple tree did not make it.
 Gary went down to Judy's to move some top soil and I stayed home trying to catch a break.
Gucci still has an appe†ite.  I always put something on top of 1/3 of a cup of dry food at night...tonight it was peas.  (At breakfast time they only get dry food).  She ate every bite.
Until I came into the library to do this post, she was sleeping in her bed under the kitchen table.
 Now, she is near me and Phoebe is trying to clean up her face!
Hoping for improvement.
Night all.


  1. Sending Gucci healing energy from Nova Scotia. Hope her energy returns, Lori.
    Yes, a very busy but invigorating time of year.

  2. Oh poor little Gucci, I wasn't aware she'd been to hospital. Sending warm healing prayers to her.

  3. I'm so glad that she's eating. Seems that's often the key to turning the corner in doggie problems. Also to be home with her sister and her humans can do nothing but good!

  4. Hugs and puppy kisses to Gucci.

  5. Poor Gucci. Sending healing thoughts for a quick recovery from whatever is bothering her. She looks so sad. Phoebe is a sweetheart. Get well Gucci there are so many who love you.

  6. It sounds like she is making progress. Any tentative diagnosis? Will keep my fingers crossed that improvement continues. Sweet pup.


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