Monday, March 7, 2016

Grind It In....

 There is no way to avoid it.
 We are about to have some very muddy days.

 I had a Doctor's appointment this morning and stopped at Glen Darach on the way home.  Had a nice long chat with my friend, Andrea.
 At 3 I went out to pick some was pretty messy out there.

 The girls were all into rolling, but Miss Piggy was the winner.

 Karen had chore duty, but I needed to go out there to clean off the girls...

 and put on some clean pajamas for the night.

 Tomorrow we should be in the low 60s and they can all be naked.
Beautiful sunset.

Night all.


  1. That is a beautiful sunset and I like those pajamas :)

  2. Beautiful sunset. Our entire herd are totally drenched in mud. It's dried like cement. We should have some nice warm weather coming this week. I hope it dries the mud up.

  3. Ahhhh, mud season is here. It sucks your boots off if you are not careful. I curried and curried mud packed critters yesterday. The horses are starting to shed!


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