Friday, January 8, 2016

Void In Hearts...

This morning I went out to the barn even earlier so I could get to the DoubleTree by 8:15.
Could not be more in awe of the colors in the sky.  From the time I was ready to come back to the house until I got to Rochester...it was breathtaking!

 We did not have such a long day so I got home in time to meet some friends at the Red Bird.
Good to catch up with Judy, who is visiting (from Florida) for a few days.
 At 4:30 I went out to fill the hay bags for Berlin and Abbe.
Karen tucked them in around 5..
 No dinner, as I'm playing duplicate bridge at 7:30 and Helen always has an enormous volume of good food.
A hand like this would not be so bad.
 Night all.

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