Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Open Fire and Two Guitars

 Does anyone recognize my title for this post?  In the dark ages it was an album
recorded by Johnny Mathis.

With the windchill, it was about 0 this morning.
So glad the sun made an appearance.

 Every winter I say the same thing...what a boring time for the horses.

 After chores I did make it to Agape, and plan to get there on Friday too.
Three days a week....three days a week.

 After lunch we got a good fire going
 and I plunked myself down in front of it to check out a new book that I got in the mail.
 Then I was motivated to organized my song book...which is growing quickly.
 Of course I had to play for awhile.  "Open Fire and One Baritone Ukulele." 
Absolutely love this uke.

The girls still try to find grass, especially near the north side of the outdoor arena.
 Made a nice salad for dinner
 and turned last night's leftover pasta into a casserole.
 Yep, it was delish.
Night all.

I am currently binging on "Homeland" episodes
so I'm off to get comfy.


  1. I liked Homeland too. I'm all caught up with it. Enjoy it!

  2. The first photo looks like the trees are ablaze with the sunrise, what a beautiful photo


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