Monday, January 4, 2016

Heavy Rambos and Long Underwear!

 Sidney spends a lot more time in the house when the weather is like this (so do the other two cats).  After he ate his breakfast, he went back out to Gary's barn 
and was snuggled in this little house.
It was in the teens all day with a windchill near 0....and there was wind and a little snow.
 It's my first day wearing long underwear, and the girls are now sporting their heavy Rambos.
 We have saved a lot of electricity by not having to heat the water trough until this morning.

Never made it to Agape...I am so off schedule.  Fortunately my head is not so plugged up and I am starting to get some energy back.
I decided to make 6 bean soup for dinner.
 Stock/onions/carrots/celery/1 chopped tomato.
Just happened to take several shots of this plant
 before I knocked it over
 and made a mess.
 Way too tall for the pot that came with the bulbs.

 At 5pm Mary and I attended our first workshop as official Town Board members.
It's going to be a great experience for us, the current board members 
and the community.  A whole new ballgame.
I left in time to watch Annie's official swearing in at the Village Hall.

As soon as that was done, she took her seat and got down to business.

 Home around 7:30, fed the dogs and had some of that bean (not so) soup.

A lot has happened since our swearing in yesterday.
We were on the news...2 channels.  One did a terrible job.  Called me Lori Skroog and Mary was Marcie Rich...what a waste.  The Time Warner Channel did a much better job. 
I wish you could all meet Louise Slaughter.  She is such a warm, sweet and very special human being.
(Time Warner coverage)
The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle sent out a reporter who took a ton of notes, some very bad photos and wrote a piece that would have been much better if one of our grandchildren had written it.  I was SO embarrassed.  The printed version was slightly better than the disaster on line.  I swear, he could not have read it was written....he kept repeating himself and made me look like a real ass.  You just never know.  On the other hand, I expect the reporter from the other paper (Suburban News) will write in her usual professional manner.  Live and learn.  I am going to be very careful in the future, and will make sure they are able to comprehend what is being said.

Night all.


  1. The care you give warms my heart. Happy new year

  2. I hope the weather doesn't get nasty for you. We insulated our big stock tank so it cut down on the cost of heating.
    However next week we are to have an artic blast...after rain and sleet.

  3. It's amazing to me how poorly you can be educated and still get a job reporting and writing articles. I'm sure anyone who knows you will recognize it for what it is, not you but the reporter.

    Same weather here too except no snow. We had two automatic waterers freeze up last night so had to use buckets. And so the fun begins. Stay warm and feel better.

  4. We know when the horsies have coats it's cold
    Lily & Edward


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