Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Green to White!

For much of the day, yesterday's green grass was covered with snow.

 After chores I loaded Phoebe and Gucci in the car and drove them to the groomers for a 10am appointment.  At that time we were having snow squalls.

 On my way back home, the plows had been out and it was no longer snowing.
 Their appointment usually takes four hours and by the time I went back to pick them up, the sun was out.
 Sherri did a beautiful job as usual.  They were both able to keep much of their winter coats and were excited to get in the car.
 Weird pictures, as I was not able to see what I was taking.

 Because I have another cold!!!! I took a hot shower and settled into a chair by the fire for the rest of the afternoon.  Read until the kindle fell out of my hand.

 The temperature made it to 36 degrees, so by evening much of the grass was showing again.

 I managed to make dinner...just a little dinner.
Organic turkey sloppy joes and coleslaw.
Time to get back under the covers.
Night all.


  1. The pups look adorable and happy!

    Made it up to 45 here today, the snow should be gone soon.

  2. It is warm here today too, up to 35! We had 5" of snow on Monday and I suppose some may melt but we are supposed to get another storm next week. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the January Thaw.

  3. Are you guys taking selfies
    Lily & Edward


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