Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Warm Up....

First things first.
The sunrise was gorgeous!

 Most of the snow was gone by the time the girls got out to the pasture.
Almost February and they're eating some grass!

 Spent the rest of the day prone, with a heating pad and my latest book, Vicks and cough drops.
 Gary went down to watch Coop and they went over to Finn's basketball game.

Mary and I went to Pinewood for the
Greater Brockport Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner.

 I knew all the people being honored and they truly deserved it.

 Lots of conversation.

 I don't know what Gary had for dinner...we had the typical buffet.

 Home by 8:45 and ready to crash.
Tomorrow I have an appointment for a mammogram...not my favorite thing.
Night all.


  1. Feel better and good luck with the mammogram. I hate them too.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Mammo... Ugh

  3. ohh Sounds an excellent day!
    And What a beautiful pictures, I love them.
    Thanks for sharing


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