Monday, January 18, 2016

0 With The Windchill!

There were a lot of crispy critters today.
Started out with a little sun....

Gave the girls extra hay because it was so darn cold.

 I bundled up and got down to Agape around 10:30.
26 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical.
Judy was there along with many people that I knew so there was
time for good conversations.
 We stopped at Java for lunch before I ran some errands.  By then the snow squalls were in 
full gear and it was getting pretty bad as I drove toward Wegmans.
 My next stop was Tractor Supply for some grain,
just in case the weather takes a dive.  I was running
low and did not want to get caught without it.
 Our road was pretty bad in terms of visibility.

 As soon as I got home I went out and put the girls in.  Maggie and Angel were in the indoor not letting Abbe and Berlin get through the door and I sure didn't want them out in the wind.
All had fresh water topped off with warm and extra hay...the barn felt cozy....sort of.

 When I got back in the house, Seymour and Gucci were very happy to share a chair
in the library as they watched the whiteouts from the window.

 Another simple dinner.
Veggie burgers....
 and roasted potatoes.

 I can't decide if I should go out by the fire or get under the covers.
 Night all.


  1. We finished working another day indoors. It almost got above zero today. We had some nice sunshine and all the animals were laying out of the wind enjoying the sunshine!
    That looks like a very cozy fire.

  2. What a beautiful morning shots!!
    And so much coldness!
    Thanks for sharing!


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