Thursday, November 12, 2015

High Wind Warnings...

 There was a little patch of blue in the sky this morning, but most of the day was pretty ugly.
This flower is one of the last hold outs over by the indoor.
 Naturally, it started to rain as soon as the girls were turned out.

 This afternoon I went down to Andrea's house to play duplicate bridge.
She made us a beautiful triple berry pie.
 Lorna was my partner, and we came in third.
 Stopped at Weggies on the way home to pick up so me sesame chicken.
It was still grey and the wind was picking up.

 Karen did chores and I got dinner ready.
Warmed up the sesame chicken...
 leftover brussels sprouts
 and rice.
Bananas, just because.....
 Last summer I was interviewed for a magazine called 55 Plus and it was supposed to come out in July.  Never happened, so I forgot about it.  Yesterday the author of the article informed me that it was published, so Gary went down to Wegmans and picked up a few copies.  I had no idea as to what Kristina had written, nor had I seen any of the photographs.  Whenever this happens I always hold my breath, wondering what will appear when it's in print.  There are a few things I might change (like saying I was "ticked"), but when I spoke to Jenny about it she said that it is something I would say.  So....there ya go.
 If you are interested in reading it, you can find it online...page 44.
 Now that the election is over, I am really enjoying the slow down.
Night all.


  1. You've been quoted and published! Now you're a celebrity.

    Been nasty here for the last couple of days with rain too. Might let up by Saturday. Love your brave little flower.

  2. Your pie looks amazing! I have been driving very carefully because of the accident and these winds have me quite scared!

  3. The weather seems to be changing hour to hour here -- Kind of what it appears you might be having too.

    The pie looks amazing, and how fun about the article --I remember when I was interviewed for a magazine article (I was president of the Golden Ret. Rescue) I wished I'd articulated a bit better a few things as well, but it was what it was, and it was fun!! --I'm off to read it. Enjoy your night!!

  4. We had those crazy winds today too. how fun the magazine finally came out! I'm glad the interview sounds like you. It'll make it much more interesting to read.

  5. We have a high wind warning here now pass the pie
    Lily & Edward

  6. Awesome article. You truly are one amazing woman. Hope to see you again next year.

  7. I absolutely loved that article about you. What a great one. I think you should link it on Facebook because your Canadian friends like me would love to read it too. ps you look amazing. Hug B

  8. Very interesting article, with beautiful pictures..
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Wonderful! Oh and thank goodness...the winds are travelling now out of our area...we hope. Lost some old dead trees.


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