Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's With All The Coughing?

Too much door to door in high winds and chilly temps.
Gary and I both have colds.
 I'm really getting efficient with morning chores.

 All done by 8:15.

We needed more signs for our campaign, so we ordered bigger and brighter ones.
 Here is our first one.
 The sign game can drive you nuts.  A local restaurant allowed me to put up a sign and it lasted for just a few days, then disappeared while all of the signs from the opposition remained in place.  
UUmmmmmmm.  So today I checked in to see if they had it in the restaurant and the answer was no...someone must have taken it.  This time I asked the owner if I could put up a sign and he said yes.  Can you see it?  I wonder if it will be there tomorrow.  In the village, signs are knocked down and stolen on a regular basis.  Believe me, all kinds of games are played when you run for office.
 Did a little door to door and had some very interesting conversations.  It's always a pleasure to speak with someone who is well informed.
The sun was putting out it's late afternoon glimmer.

Surprise!  Our first direct mailing arrived today.
This is what targeted residents received.  It's an 8 1/2 by 11 postcard.
 My point and shoot took some pretty wimpy pictures...
 Just soup for dinner...not in the mood.
Night all.


  1. Hope you both are feeling better soon.

  2. Wonderful captures of your horses, Sounds like a busy household especially when someone is a candidate for office -- barbara

  3. Looks like the campaign is moving right along. Hope you both ditch those colds soon

  4. Politics ain't for the faint of heart. Good luck with your new batch of signs... and the vote.

  5. btw We do have a Sweden, Maine too.

  6. Very nice article,Thanks for sharing this.

  7. I remember ages ago when my dad ran for the school board (and won) the things the opposition would do to signs was unbelievable. Twice we saw where his yard signs had been set on fire?!


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