Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stuck in the 40s....

It's still windy and the morning glories are biting the dust.

 A good morning to get organized.
I soaked some pellet bedding for Abbe's stall and let it sit there exploding while I
cleaned out the feed room.  Had to wash all the plexi glass windows so Gary could install them...the girls will appreciate that. They were filthy and I broke one. 
 Karen replaced 3 posts in the front paddock.  Angel has been leaning on it to eat the flowers on the other side.

 Starting at 11:30, Mary and I drove around the countryside going door to door.  The wind was crazy wild and we were freezing.  When it started to rain we called it a day.

Our Art Opening is tomorrow night....
so Gary picked me a bucket of glads for the food table.

 Tucked the girls in a little early...nasty outside.
 Yay, on the weekends Karen and I return to our normal routines...
 so I did chores tonight and we both were in the barn this morning.

 Another simple dinner.
I made an apple/carrot/grape/peanut salad....
 and heated up the leftover leek and potato soup.
 Tomorrow will be another busy day.
Night all.

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