Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rain, Onion Soup, and Meet the Candidates...

 Man!  Berlin looked pretty filthy this morning.  A good brushing was in order.

 It was raining and all of a sudden we started getting very high winds.

 Our Meet the Candidates Forum was on tap for tonight so I spent part of the day cramming for the possible questions.

We have been waiting for three mailings for 10 days, and today they all arrived at once.
That brought about an immediate reaction from our opponents... 
and it was not pretty.  I hope people go to their site and see how low they can go.  
So lacking in integrity



 (They look much better than what you see here).

In the meantime, Gary made an amazing batch of French Onion Soup.
It was almost dark when we drove down to the Middle School.
 The set up was great.
 Two of the High School government teachers were there along with a panel of
Participation in Government students.
 Originally, our opposition did not appear to be participating, but at the last minute they came through.  We are running against the three men next to Annie.  The other two are running unopposed, but participated.
 They asked the same question to each of us and had specific rules.
 Both parties had a few fans and the kids were prepared.
 We did our best and it was over by 8pm.
 Who knows what will come down the pike tomorrow.
We are really on the home stretch and I hope our residents will vote on Tuesday.
We have gathered support from all parties and most of the people we visited are
 ready for a change in government.
 All kinds of things can happen when you don't have a bi-partisan system.
No checks. No balances.
Can we pull it off?
Tune in on Tuesday.

 Dinner at 9.  So delish.
Night all.

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  1. How are you feeling? I'd be so anxious at this point I don't think I could see straight! Glad the event went well tonight. Good luck!


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