Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In the Headlines

 The drama is on it's way back.

 Look at that color!
 More frost this morning, but it does not keep the girls from going out to the pasture.

 When I turned on my computer, I noticed that all hell broke loose on the political scene.
Yesterday seniors in the Town of Sweden got our 3rd mailing and our opponents were not happy!
 I am being taken to the cleaners in print!
I'm glad this community knows me and how hard I fought to keep the Senior Center from being sold.  A good example of how a few concerned citizens can make a difference by informing people and getting them involved.
Fortunately, you have been spared from the details, 
because this campaign has turned into quite an experience.
 Class at 10:30.  With the cool down, I'm afraid that this will be our last in the studio.

 This afternoon Mary and I knocked on doors and did a little paper work with Annie.
Just a simple dinner....
as the three of us had to attend a budget hearing at the Town Hall tonight.
It took all of 30 minutes.
One week from now it will all be over.

However........on Thursday night we will be at a Meet The Candidates Forum.
Looking forward to it.
Night all.


  1. Wow you certainly have a lot on your plate. I can say that a good Senior Center is worth its weight in gold. My mom is an activity director at her Senior Center and I cannot believe all of the politics even she has to go through and other items the Senior Center Board of Directors had to do to keep the center open.
    It provides an awesome place for Seniors.

  2. Beautiful sky pics. I bet you're all glad it will be over soon. I wish you all good luck with the election.

  3. It must be a bizarre feeling to be thrust into this kind of behavior! Hope it's not beating you down at all. I'm sure it's not! I'm sure Jenny has been a big help navigating all this.


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