Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Has Fell

 Much milder this morning.

 That beautiful sunrise did not turn into a beautiful day.

 Mary went to work late today so we decided to do some door to door at 10am.
On the way I stopped at Tractor Supply for some shavings and ran into this 
adorable 10 week old pup.  Is he gorgeous or what?

These days, the three of us (known as The Candidates for Change) are usually 
out and about at some part of the day.
Of course it had to rain while Mary and I were doing our thing.
                                   As I have said before, almost every single time we come back with a good story.  Makes it worth it.
When this campaign is over, I will have to do a recap of the good, the bad and the ugly.
For now....I'm concentrating on the good.

Got back to the farm and did some computer work before taking a nap....which makes me feel groggy when I wake up.
Needed some fresh air and went out to say good night to the girls.

 The leaves are full of color and falling like crazy every time we switch temperatures.
Night all.


  1. The pup, something totally lovely when they are young and the ears are turned up.Fall leaves, glorious colouirs.

  2. Love the pup! He's one adorable shepherd! I've always loved those dogs and have had a few over the years. We have lots of color here and the leaves are falling like rain.


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