Saturday, October 24, 2015

Check It Out!

A very pink sunrise.

 Breezed through chores, picked apples and spinach....then spent the rest of the day on my computer.  Campaign stuff of course.  

This morning the local newspaper, Suburban News, was jammed with political ads and letters from our team and our opponents.  It was all good.

Next Thursday we have been invited to a Meet the Candidates Forum put on by students in the Participation in Government Classes at Brockport High School.  This has been done in the past, and the teachers have said the kids really enjoyed doing it.  We look forward to answering their questions.  They have been going out into the community to find out what residents would like to know and will participate as a panel.

 This has been one heck of a day.  Our opponents are on the attack again and continue to put out false information to discourage people from voting for us.  Please go to their site so you can see what we are dealing with.  A total lack of integrity.  The joke is, all of their mailings and postings refer to themselves as "responsible leaders."  Check it out and tell me if this is who you would like representing your town.
(3) Town of Sweden Republicans
The Town of Sweden has not had a two party system for decades.  We think it is time for a second opinion and it seems to be making our opponents very defensive.  Today I finally responded to a couple of their posts and a few hours later my comments were removed.  Guess they didn't want anyone to read them.
Most of our signs were missing today.

I had chore duty tonight.
 By then it was raining and had cooled down a bit.

 Tonight...at long last, we were able to connect with our favorite dining buddies....Judy and Sally.
It's been a long time since we had a meal together.
 Judy always sets a beautiful table and she had her fireplace going.
 We started off with squash soup....so smooth and delicious.
 It was followed by pulled pork sandwiches, chips, homemade applesauce and coleslaw.

 Sally brought along eclairs and raspberries for dessert.
A perfect way to end a crazy day.
Night all.

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