Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Apples Anyone?

It rained again last night.

 It's a good thing we mowed the lawn yesterday.  Gary had to rake up hundreds and hundreds of black walnuts again.

 Class at 10:30.
Len brought in this model he is building from kit and not easy.

 Had to go over to Gary's barn to get some nails.  Lots of onions are still hanging.
 Maggie wondered what I was doing there.

 Bill Stewart used to have these pieces hanging on his trees...the other day he gave them to Gary (when they went to Buffalo to set up two shows).
He knows that I will take anything he doesn't want anymore.

 One little hosta blossom was hanging on in the garden
 Yesterday I picked about 200 apples off the ground for the horses and today...
that many more had fallen.  Two of my students went home with bags full and I brought a 
few over to the house so I could make an apple crisp.

 This afternoon Mary and I knocked on more doors.
Obviously we did not hit the one that had this sign on the front lawn.
 When we finished I decided to pick up a pizza (sale night) and while I was waiting for it Mary and I walked down to a shop that belongs to a friend of hers. 
On the way, I grabbed a few shots of Arjuna.
 Allison always does a beautiful job with the windows.

 This is the first time I had visited Be Be Mills.

 She had a great selection of clothes, boots, scarves etc.
 (Many things that young skinny girls would like).
A perfect shop for Mary.

 Picked up the pizza and got back to the farm a little after 5:30.
Made a quick salad and we were good to go.
 Dessert later....
 Gary and I both have colds and naps sound better than apple crisp.
Night all.


  1. Wow. At first glance, I almost thought that was a lobster on the plate. Like your colorful banner too.

  2. Gucci wake up! There's apples
    Lily & Edward


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