Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Very Interesting Day!

It rained last night and it rained most of the day.
 I grained the girls and put them outside while I cleaned their stalls.
By 8:30 they were back in as it was pouring and very windy.
 I took a quick shower and drove to Fairport for the unveiling of the 2016 Global Mural Conference.
The roads were covered with water and so slick, but I got there in time.
 In 2007 I started "Art Walks On Water" and Mark DeCracker (in the middle) started "Mural Mania."  We pooled our ideas and visions in an effort bring art to the Erie Canal and all the towns and villages on it's boarders and presented at several Canal Conferences.  
Tho I pooped out, Mark kept going and has done amazing things.
Managing to bring this conference to our area is quite an accomplishment.  This is number 10.
The first was held in New Zealand in 1996, and they have been taking place every two years since that time....all over the world.
 I have been invited to participate and the conference will end with a flotilla going down the Canal.
On boats and barges, there will be murals that have been painted during the event, by artists from around the world.  Hoping for 20.  Art will be walking on water.

 A great deal of time has been spent on every aspect you can think of, in preparation for today.
 It was attended by many politicos offering great support.

 Afterward, the committee met and had lunch at a cafe in the Box Factory.
 This bridge (over the canal) was outside the window near our table.
 Can you see the raindrops on the window?
 All 4 of us had the same lunch - reubens.
 I left around 2.
 When I got near the farm I decided to go down Covell Road and had to stop when I got to
Kate Logan's front pasture.  The rain had stopped, but the leaves had been blown all over the place...giving off a mellow, yellow glow.

 By then, Gary had turned out the horses.

 Eventually I went back out to the barn to reclean the stalls.
 The girls were keeping tabs on me.

Leftovers for dinner and off to a 7 o'clock meeting.
Night all.

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  1. Oh your neighbor's yellow trees are spectacular! I actually think the colors are so much prettier on cloudy, grey days than bright ones!


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