Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hot Dogs!

You can count on it.  Every morning I go through the same routine....never skip any part of it.
Love a clean stall and watching the girls swishing their tails out in the pasture.

 We've had a series of pretty hot days and the humidity was the worst on this one.
Phoebe and Gucci don't like it any more than I do.

 A good reason for me to fill a nice big bowl with watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes.  Our go to snack when it's like this.
 I managed to go to Wegmans this morning and lasted for half an hour ripping out weeds in one of the gardens.  Sweat was pouring off me.  Spent much of the afternoon in front of a fan, working on campaign stuff.
Gary had a board/dinner meeting out of town, so I went down to Ralph and Rosies and picked up two pieces of pizza for dinner.
 Our recent sunsets have been beautiful and steamy/desert looking.

 I would never survive in a southern climate.  (Did you hear that you crazysheeplady????)
 Chores at 7:30.  No relief for the girls yet.

Night all.

These two photos were sent to me by the first mate of the Manatee.  I have posted about Sandy and Jeff Bacon and their travels (with Hatch) off and on since 2007. Currently, they are still on the Erie Canal, as they leisurely motor south. When they were leaving Lyons, NY a man they met (Bob Stopper) took these shots.
Beautiful! I could not resist posting them.

Can you imagine living on a sailboat?


  1. I don't do well in the heat either, particularly if the humidity is high - I just get red in the face - look just like a boiled lobster. The horses do better than I do, but we don't do a lot of riding when it's hot and humid. We're getting some cooler weather now, so maybe that will make its way in your direction.

  2. Beautiful photos of the Manatee. what a wonderful setting. And down south, here it means so much colder, and snow for more of the year, and lots more frosts, I realise for you the opposite. Enjoy the approach to cooler days.

  3. Tell momma you need a kiddie pool
    Lily & Edward

  4. That's why I want to move to Brockport! Specifically to your farm and kitchen ;-D.


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