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Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Rest For The Wicked

 I just finished reading a post from Oak Creek Ranch out in California (Sacramento area) and am feeling pretty lucky.  Out there, the temperature has been hanging for a few days around 100 degrees and most of the grass has dried up in the pastures.
 We have been very fortunate...plenty of moisture to keep us green.
 After chores I picked some beets for Karen and we checked out the plum tree.
 It's loaded, but they are as hard as rocks.

A busy day was ahead of us.
At 1pm we went out to Hickory Ridge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our friends
Ann and Ron K.
This is how they looked the day they were married.

Below...Ann is on the right,

 and here is Ron.  Do you recognize them from our monthly dinners?

 Quite a spread, with an Irish theme.

 By the time we left, it was almost 90 degrees.
The party was still going on and we missed out on some terrific Irish Music 
performed by the Dady Brothers.
 Got home in time for a 4pm meeting 
and at 5:15 we left for Jenny's to celebrate Finn's 12th birthday.

 10 of his friends started off at the Sky Zone and ended up at home for cake and ice cream cake.
 Jenny had her hands full, surrounded by exuberance!
 This painting is hanging on the frig....very appropriate for the day.
Both boys are very artistic, and this was done some time ago.
 Back to the farm around 6:30, and chores at 7:45.
It finally started cooling off a bit.

Got the girls tucked in and am off duty.
Night all.


  1. Its been a long time since we've seen any green here. The grass turned brown in June and the pastures are just dust now. August... bleh. If the weather cools off, Brett will ride Pistol but hasn't been able to do that yet. I'm not sure which is worse: our heat or your humidity.

  2. Happy Anny to your friends. We live in So. Ca by the beach. It is in the high 80's and very humid which is very unusual. It's killing us
    Lily & Edward


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