Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Glued To My Computer...

Still lovin' those crispy mornings.

 Class at 10:30.  Finally the temperature in the studio was very comfortable.
 All kinds of activity.

 For the past two days I have spent hours and hours on my computer working on ads, invitations and post cards for our campaign.  There's a lot I need to learn about graphics.  Managed to get some thank you notes printed and still have a lot more to do.

Pizza for dinner with a tomato/cucumber/onion salad (from our garden).
 Chores a little later.  It's getting dark so much earlier.

 Abbe came in with a bloody back leg...looks like she was kicked.
 Tucked the girls in, cleaned up Abbe and I've about had it for today.
Night all.


  1. Crispy mornings are the best! Dinner looks delish -- the squirrels have taken all of my tomatoes so I am envying your salad.

  2. I love/hate the thought of crispy mornings! Sounds like you are really putting in a lot of extra effort and time into your campaign which of course you should.
    Neighbors brought me plums last night from their tree! How delightful!

  3. Please, could you refrain from your use of that word 'crisp'. They will come soon enough. GRIN.

  4. It's me Lily. It looks like me!
    Lily (& Edward)


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