Friday, April 10, 2015

It Sounds Like A Freight Train...

An eerie sunrise that lasted just a few minutes.  Very black to the West.

 Heavy winds on the way (up to 50 mph), so we put the hay in nets and set the horses up under the shed roof.
 Within minutes it started to pour.

 The pastures are getting saturated.

 Made a quick trip to Weggies and started on dinner when I got home.
We don't eat a lot of meat normally, and this past week we had pot roast twice.  So, I am going to concentrate on veggie meals for the next few days.

A cauliflower casserole was on deck for tonight.

For the past three days we have been trying to get a huge pine tree cut down in our back yard.  It is between two sections of the roof on our back porch and the last thing we need is for it to crush our house.  Today, they came to do it after passing on two rainy days.  It was so windy, there was no way to even think about it.  Maybe tomorrow.

Brought the girls in a little early and put their sheets back on.  The high was around 62 late morning and tonight it should go down to 37.  Colic weather.

 Maggie loves to grind the mud into her face and neck.
 Miss Piggie came in clean....I was shocked.

 While I finished making dinner, Gary continued to plant leeks in the North garden.

 Dinner at 6.
A Saint Tim salad with romaine, orange, tangerine, banana, craisins and onion.
 served with that nice cheezie casserole.
 Also made a johnny cake.
 So good.

Night all.
 Now, the other amaryllis has started to bloom.  Keep that color coming.


  1. I experienced the 'freight train' sound of a tornado one time. I hope I never have to experience it again! (Luckily, the tornado lifted and practically went right over our house!!)
    I hope you get your tree down before the wind decides to take matters into its own hands.

  2. The winds were outrageous! I have an exhaust fan on the roof of the salon and it's housed in a metal box. So the slightest wind sounds loud bouncing around in that box but it was practically unbearable today! So loud! It's already warming back up here so it'll be better tomorrow for you guys! Would love to see Gary's full gardening calendar. He logs a lot Of hours working those lovely gardens! As I know you do too!

  3. Not so long ago, I was outside, and heard this noise coming from the north. I hurried to the shelter of the porch, and it was hail, hitting the roofs, the trees, then the concrete. In 2004, we had gale winds, and so like a train, or lots of them, as it made its way through all the trees nearby. Too much to even go outside, the large windows bent, so scary. I cannot imagine the horror of a tornado. Hope your gardens are OK, specially Gary's plantings.

  4. Hope you get that tree down soon. Wind can be dangerous and scary. Your inside plants seem to do really well. You must have a green thumb!

  5. Ooh, what a great sounding casserole! Share the recipe?


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