Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Red Bird Tea Shop

Back in the deep freeze.
We were barely in double digits and look at what was going on in Kentucky this morning.
The photo below was sent to me by thecrazysheepladay and at that time they had 14 inches of snow.  A couple hours later I spoke to her on the phone and over 15 inches had fallen.
 Chores as usual.

 The feed room was used for something else when it was a cow barn many years ago (early 1900s)....maybe a milk storage area.

The stall area was full of cow stanchions and dismantled car parts when we got here and all had to be removed piece by piece.  We had no horse experience and did what we thought was right for the stalls.  They are very simple and work just fine.  As I've mentioned before, there used to be 8-10 horses here and now we are down to 4.  Walls have been knocked down and all the horses have huge apartments.  Putting up fences was no picnic as our property has bedrock about 2 feet down.  A hand held post hole digger was used for all the fencing...can't believe Gary was game for such an outrageous job.

Very old and...nothing fancy.

 I gave Sally a call late morning and we made a date for lunch at The Red Bird Tea Shop.
 It was opened 10 years ago by Jo Matela, an x mayor for the Village of Brockport.

 The back of the store serves food....

 and the front of the store is a gift shop.

 There was a new menu today....full of interesting possibilities.
Sally and I both chose the chicken salad (which is what I always order when I'm there).
The Red Bird is different from all the other restaurants in town and I would highly recommend it.
Delicious food and unique gifts.

 After that, we stopped at the Town Hall and then did a little shopping at Wegmans.  

Decided to stay in the village as I had a 3:30 meeting at the Village Hall.
Our committee met with Rick Muto, the artist who is doing the mural for Sagawa Park.
It's going to be a very exciting project and I will keep you posted.
 It was another crazy day.  Snow and wind, snow and wind.  On the way home I had the pleasure of seeing a little sunshine.

 At 5:30 Gary and I went out to do chores....great sunset.
 10 degrees and waiting for the big warm up.  May hit 50 on Wednesday.

 Breakfast for dinner and it was perfect.
 Night all.


  1. Waiting for that warm up . . .

    Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals.

  2. Love the pictures. Looks like a nice place to eat. Waiting for Sunday and some warmer weather. We had blueberry pancakes last night. Great minds think alike!


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