Saturday, March 28, 2015

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning.  Gahhhhhllllleeeeee.
More snow.
 Did not have the right gloves on, so my hands froze.
 Seeing that Abbe and Berlin destroyed their medium Rambos, I put their heavier blankets back on.

Actually shoveled a little bit, then took a quick shower.  Gary and I had to be down at the Baptist Church by 9:45 so we could practice for a few minutes with the choir and their director.  There was a service for one of our chorus members, who passed away (mid 90s and was still singing with us in December).  She had requested two songs that she wanted us to sing....and we did.  One of them was "The Song of Ruth," which was her name.

This is my good friend Joann.  She is the pastor at the church and accompanied us...a very talented woman, who presented a perfect service.
 I used to trade her art lessons for piano lessons.
It meant a lot to Ruth's family, to have us following her wishes.

 After the reception, 6 of went out for lunch.
I decided to go to drumming, so Gary dropped me off and went back to the farm.  Had to use one of Khalid's drums as mine was at home.

We played a couple of new things and it felt good to get back in the groove.
In this video, Marcia is playing one of the bass lines.  I love this particular rhythm.

 During our breaks we had a lot of good laughs.

We needed some serious direction to get the djembe part that went with this rhythm.  Sometimes it takes awhile to catch on.

Khalid is very patient man and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

Gary picked me up a little after 4 and when we got home it looked like this!  Most of the snow was gone, gone, gone.
 There was plenty of color in the house today.

 Even my $4 bunch of flowers from Wegman's is hanging in there.

 So glad the sun was out.
 I think the girls were happy about it too.

 Gary helped with water and picking the paddock, so I was done in a jiffy.

 (I think they could see deer out in the back 40.)
 Now that certainly is a distorted picture of me.

 Another simple supper.
 Salad and white pasta with peas, caramelized onions, a little olive oil and cheese.
 I'm taking tomorrow off.
Night all.


  1. Enjoy your Sunday, beautiful flowers, and as Ruth wanted, a loving, thoughtful and caring finish to a wonderful lady's life.

  2. I'm sure your friends family really appreciated the thoughtfulness everyone showed by singing the songs she requested.

    Love the flowers theyre a real pick me up just by being colorful. We had snow all day and night yesterday but it's mostly gone too. Feels like this winter will never end.

  3. Wow how beautiful! What an interesting day. Today we awakened to sleet and and ice storm. I figure we got about 1/2 inch. What a mess. I'm certainly glad I got out with Siera yesterday.
    Your house is so bright and inviting! I hope to brighten ours up too if we get the remodeling done.


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