Friday, March 6, 2015

Let's Get On With It....

 Even tho it did not get above 22 degrees, that powerful solar energy started melting some of the white stuff.

 Spent the afternoon watching a few more episodes of "House of Cards"....  Man!  Thank Frank is one nasty dude.
Made a waldorf salad, as tonight we had our monthly dinner with Ron, Ann, Brenda and Al.
 Did chores a little early so I would have enough time for a quick shower.

 Ann made one fantazmagoric meal!
 Brenda made not one....but two pies.
 She's very good at this.
As usual, a great time with lots of laughs and loud conversation.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful! I see the warm sun melting things even though it was cold here. Today we may get to the 30's! How odd our outdoor hydrant has been freezing up and then it is fine.
    Seems that the swing of temperatures has done a number on our house plumbing too.
    We'll address that in our remodel this spring!
    Glad things are turning for you!

  2. Melting a little here too. As for House of Cards...just when you think he couldnt get any nastier he surprises you by being even worse! Hope the melting continues.


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