Monday, March 2, 2015

Big Winds....

 Gary left for Albany at 5am and was up by 4.  I was not able to fall back to sleep.
 This morning it was very windy and I don't know what that translated to as far as the temperature goes.  We hit a high of about 27.

 On days like this the girls go in and out of the indoor.

 I had a 2pm meeting in Brockport.  We are working on the program for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Western Monroe Historical Society.
 On the way, the wind was blowing snow across the road wherever there was an open field.

 Home be 4:15, built a fire and went out early to do chores.  By then, the sky was absolutely gorgeous.

 Leftover minestrone soup for dinner.
Over and out...
Night all.


  1. Pretty skies. We have blue today too. Got up to about 34 and very windy. The soup looks perfect for a windy night dinner. Don't you hate it when you can't get back to sleep.

  2. I thought of you this morning as I was trying to get a photo of the sun rise! Not much luck. I'm so happy it's starting to stay light so much later!

  3. I hear a lot about your weather out there. Such a rough winter it has been. The soup loos amazing and perfect for the day.

  4. You have the cleanest, nicest barn I've ever seen! You take the best care of your horses and you're such a hard worker.

  5. Nasty winds are expected here tonight. Blowing snow and sleet, um, how is that possible? I don't know, I'll let you know ...
    Looking at your photos makes me hungry.
    I should go make some homemade soup to take with me to work tonight.

  6. Yes, what Gayle says above about your barn! And the soup looks YUM, too.


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