Friday, March 13, 2015

Back To The Corner Of East and Alexander...

 It was in the mid 20s this morning, but we ended up at 50 by the end of the day.

 After chores I cleaned out my car and was back at Wegmans for dog and cat food.
At 11:30 Judy and Sally arrived and I drove into Rochester for lunch at the City Grill.  When I told Sally about it she wanted to give it a try.
  She is very game (so is Judy) and appreciates having the opportunity to get out of the house.
 We sat in the bar and had a fabulous view on this sunny day.
 Sally and I had ribs and coleslaw....

 Judy had mac and cheese with lobster along with a salad.
 I would highly recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner. 
Food, service, atmosphere and presentation.
 Such a pleasure to have a long, leisurely lunch.
We must have been there for a couple of hours.

 The neighborhood is full of classic architecture.

 The sky was gorgeous all afternoon.

 Home a little before 3.
 A picnic dinner....organic hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad.
 Still very bright when I went out to do chores.

 After the long, hard winter...the melting has brought the deer out in large numbers.  There must have been a dozen in the back 40 and this afternoon we saw over 15 eating grass on the edge of a back road on our way to Rochester.

Night all.


  1. beautiful pictures as always. Love the quaint town. We will send you some 92F degree weather. Nutty
    Lily & Edward

  2. Back many tears ago, this collegiate guy broke from the books (or was it playing Hearts?) and took late night trips down East Avenue to the Yankee Maid sub shop. What a deal for a buck!

  3. Ya, there were a few TEARS but I really meant 'years'.


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