Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

A very strange day.

 The colorful sky disappeared quickly and the temperature was supposed to rise, ending with snow/sleet/rain.  Karen and I spent a long time digging ditches in case there was a lot of melting.

 If it really rains and starts melting, it will be dangerous footing when the temperature goes down again tomorrow.  The snow is now way over the picket fence in the back yard.

 Today Tina brought DJ with her to class.  He is such a gorgeous boy!

 Early afternoon it started snowing.
 Before long it was coming down in buckets....

 I decided to put the horses in at 3:30.
 Did a little experimenting with the bread machine today.  Half bread flour and half organic whole wheat with a couple tablespoons of molasses and all the rest of the stuff.  Turned out pretty well.
 Went out to grain the girls at 5:30 and gave them each a little more hay.
 Today Karen and I traded lasagna that she made for red lentil soup that I made.

 Dinner was a piece of cake and tasted great.
 Right now the temperature is 31 and we are headed for rain (I guess).
What will tomorrow bring?
Night all.


  1. Interesting collection and variety of photos.

  2. You must be so tired of the snow. -- and Abbe managed to get muddy with all that white snow around. She's a funny girl.

  3. Snowed all day here too. Raining now and 37. Snow again tonight.

    Love DJ. He's just gorgeous. He reminds me of all the dogs we had growing up. My mom always had collies. I could go for a piece of lasagna, it looks so good.

  4. Yet more snow, mama mia! Love that food-trade idea tho . . . xx

  5. We had sleet and rain which then did a freeze dry ~ blow dry thing. Crazy weather. It is sunny in our pocket of woods and the critters are sleeping in the sunlight.
    Overhead we can hear the winds on the ridge.

  6. That food trade sounds like a good idea!


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