Thursday, January 22, 2015

sine dei

Mackerel scales this morning.

 After lunch I marinated some chicken and put it in the frig so it would not take me so long to make dinner.
 First I had a meeting at The Center, then another at Java at 3.
 Headed back to the farm around 4 and the sun was still showing off.

 Love doing chores a little later with the light changes.

 Made lomain, the teriyaki chicken and an orange/banana side.  Just before we ate, two fire trucks screamed by, headed toward Brockport.  We called Jenny to make sure she was ok and she informed us that the house next to hers was on fire!!!!  Gary drove right down and could not park anywhere nearby.  What a mess.  The family has spent the last several years remodeling and their home is beautiful.  Now there is a big hole in the roof and the ceiling has been pulled down in their bedroom and the kitchen.  Gary is still down there helping them move food over to Jenny's.  Anything can happen any day or time.  So sorry for what they will have to go through to get their home back.
Night all.


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