Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nuthin' Special

This is winter.  What else should I expect?
 Every morning, when we are cleaning stalls, Maggie hangs out in the barn.  Don't know if she is curious, wants a treat or prefers us to hay.
 Pretty crispy, but the lack of wind made it tolerable.

 Class at 10:30.
Shamra has been very busy....again!

 Len is still working in oils with an incredible palette.
 Gucci likes to join us.

 Tina brought in a couple more samples made from her pressed flowers...
 and continued to work on her tigers.
 The pups and I ran down to the credit union for a few minutes.  Gary spent much of the day working at The Center.
The girls were basking in the sun when we returned.
 Can't beat that late afternoon light.

 Chores at 5:15.
All were ready to be tucked in.

 If there is Johnny Cake...
 there must be chili (vegetarian, that is).  Did not feel like starting from scratch so I grabbed this out of the freezer.

 Going back out to the fire, but how will I entertain myself if there are no more "White Collar" episodes to watch?  Thanks for the suggestions that have been made.
 The temperature is dropping quickly toward the single digits.
Night all.


  1. I might suggest the first 3 seasons of Brothers & Sisters! It's on Netflix streaming. The last 2 seasons of the show go off the rails, but the first 3 are really good. Although basically every episode is a tearjerker, so be warned! But have you already watched House of Cards? If not, watch that. So good. Robin Wright is just brilliant and her role is written so wonderfully. They all are, but her character is the standout to me.


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