Friday, January 23, 2015

In and Out

Not so cold this morning.
 After chores I went back into the house, made oatmeal and watched the end of a series (through Netflix) that was recommended by one of my readers.  "The Honorable Woman."  So intense, but very well acted.  It made me appreciate my simple life, without torture and bombs and crying children.  We are so lucky, compared to other countries loaded with violence.

After that I took a quick shower and drove in to Rochester for an appointment.
Mammogram day.  It is so scary.  I got there a little before one and was back in my car by 2:10.
By far, the shortest time I have had to spend there.  Always wait for my results in case they have to take more's news was all good.  They have a beautiful fish tank and I love taking pictures of the fish...grabbed a very short video while I was waiting.  Also got some reading done.

Gary was here when I got home, ready for a snooze.  The sun was out and it was the warmest part of the day.

Chores at 5:15.  Abbe was ready for dinner.

 Did you ever put too may noodles in chicken soup?  I sure did tonight...turned into a chicken soup casserole.
 Gary made us a great salad to go with it.
Time to get out by the fire.
Night all.


  1. Phoebe and Gucci are as cute as ever. Both look a little chunkier than when I was last here, but so am I. :) Doesn't look like you have too much for snow. We got some today.. a few more inches. I've heard of some places that got up to a foot! Hope you're having a good winter. *The White House*

  2. My husband loves extra noodles in his chicken soup! He would rather have it as thick as stew.
    Yesterday was a beautiful day. Not too cold to be active outside and rather pleasant for our January.

  3. I give you credit - i avoid doctors because I dont want them to find anything. If I dont go, they wont find anything. Mr Foresterman is really pushing me hard though to go...maybe after a few glasses of wine I'd be ready for anything...i think ill try that ;p

    Hope all your tests come out wonderful! xox

  4. I had seen that series on Netflix, I may have to try it!


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