The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Monday, January 19, 2015

I Did It...

Not a bad morning.  Dull, but relatively mild.

 We raked up as much hay as possible from the indoor and I dragged it.  Very impressed that the lawn tractor (over 20 years old) started right up after all those frigid days.
 Had a 10 o'clock meeting at Pam's in Brockport, which lasted a couple of hours.
More ideas for community art.
 Here are three of her cats.
 The one in the photo below is the brother of Sidney...with very long fluffy hair.
 Spent a lazy afternoon...even Gary took time out for a nap.
Chores a little after 5.

 There was just a little light left at 5:30....I'll take it.

 Made a casserole for dinner.  Sauerkraut with noodles and a sour cream sauce topped with organic chicken/apple sausage.  Of course we had to have a salad.
 So what did I do?  I finished watching 5 seasons of "White Collar" on Netflix.
If you know what I am talking about...that's one heck of a lot of episodes.  It kept me busy for the last month while I was vegging with my cold.
 What a fun series.
Now what am I going to do?
Night all.


  1. I like that it's starting to stay lighter later in the day. I've got to drag my indoor too. Yours looks good.

  2. Watch "An Honorable Woman" or "Happy Valley"!!

  3. I liked that TV series also and just suffered a loooong cold with you. I always like your daily routine. I guess it is a dream for me, because of the horses. Pretty cats today.

  4. You could give us the recipe for the sour cream sauce, that would keep you busy for a few minutes nod make us happy!

    Xo J


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