Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finally, An Outing...

 Ahah!  It was only 30 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning!

 Had an 11 o'clock appointment with the farrier.

 Both girls are in great shape.
 This afternoon I drove down to the village to get gas for my car ($2.65 per gallon) and ran a couple of errands.
 Gucci and Phoebe kept me company.
 They were excited to get back to the farm and for a change, it was not too cold for their feet.

 Chores at 5.
 Jen joined us at 6 at we were off to Batavia for a dinner at Alex's.

 BBQued Shrimp (pineapple) and chicken with mashed potatoes and a salad....

Beef stroganoff with a salad....
 Ribs with crispy fries and coleslaw.
 Felt so good to get out of the house.
Night all.


  1. Wow - your new picture is amazing! Fascinating! Inspiring! And woke up my brain : ) Glad to hear you're feeling better and the furbaby too.

  2. Oh yes, after being cooped up for a while, getting out and socializing is good medicine! Food looks delicious, especially those shrimps! Thanks for visiting my blog Lori...we're about an hour from the beach and about an hour and a half from the mountain ski areas, right in the middle in the Willamette Valley. So glad you're feeling better!!


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