Friday, September 19, 2014

Thecrazysheeplady and Saint Tim are in the Building....

 Low 40s this morning...felt so cold.

After chores I picked some cucumbers and
 raspberries  By then it warmed up a little.
 Figured it was time to being the plants in from the back porch...swept and vaccumed.
 Gary delivered flowers today for Arjuna and did not get home until after 4:30...two minutes after Sara and Tim had arrived.  Chatted for awhile and then went to Spencerport for dinner.
 Checked out the Canalfront before we went to McColleys.

 I'll bet Sara was talking to Auntie Reg!
 We started off with sweet potato wedges and a honey mustard sauce.
 3 fish dinners
 and a Reuben.
 Left a little before 8 and it was pitch dark outside.
 Sara brought 20 in so he could sit by the fire for awhile.  Tomorrow he will go with her to Hemlock for the Fiber Festival.

 Raspberry shortcake for dessert.

 Look what Auntie Reg sent up from Kentucky!  Homemade caramel corn.  I'll bet Gary is going to inhale it.
Tim went on the computer to get a New York fishing license.  He will be floating around in his kayak while Sara is doing some teaching tomorrow.
Due to excessive yawning and closed eyes....we gave into hitting the hay early.
Night all.


  1. And what a great day for all, after such a cold start, when I convert to 5 Celsius it makes it seem very real!! Down here gale winds, snow falling to 500 metres in the south, new lambs, worried farmers, we are so cosy, and just to keep up with all your scrumptious meals, we had delicious pumpkin home - made soup for lunch, onions added, then some sauce. Yummy. No photos. Cheers,Jean.

  2. Oh good, it's good to see the CrazySheeplady face-to-face for the first time! Looks cold there already. Greetings Jo

  3. Oh the crazysheeplady and you together I can only imagine the tales in the room. I wish I was there. :) Hugs B

  4. I would so love to go to a fiber festival!

  5. A busy but fun day. It's good to get to bed early sometimes and re-energize for the next day.

  6. Enjoy your visit, funny seeing Sara without a sheep or lamb attached to part of her body


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