Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunny Side Up....

 After chores I went to the garden and picked all kinds of things to put in a sauce.
At 4 the Maynard's were hosting their 11th annual tomato party, and I participated in a contest for the best tomato dish.

 Onions, garlic, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, Italian parsley, basil, salt, pepper and a little sugar.
 Used my Vegetti to make zucchini pasta with a couple carrots for color.  Stir fried it until it was just tender and planned to serve it at room temperature (topped with Romano cheese).  The sauce would be warm and served on top.

Diane has always had spectacular gardens and also happens to be an amazing cook.  She and Larry know how to throw a top shelf party.
 We brought her a bouquet of our very different sunflowers.

This tomato pie won first prize, and my sauce came in second.
 We had a chance to really catch up with Bart and Denise, who we have not seen in ages.

 You can't imagine all the spectacular dishes that were made.  Makes me tired to think about this ginormous tasting.

As we were getting ready to leave, it looked like rain, then we ended up with a very colorful sunset.

Night all.  I need to take a nap (or just go to bed) and it's only 8:40.


  1. Love the variety of sunflowers, we have two kinds in our garden and they have grown so tall that some have fallen over.
    However I checked and the sunflower plant is okay to feed to stock.
    The mules eat the leaves and the flower. I watched one mule eat the non-ripe seeds out of a large head.

    Oh yeah...I was making spaghetti sauce and salsa yesterday!
    Whew...I need a bigger kitchen!

  2. Love all things tomato! Shoulda been at that party!!!

  3. Ginormous tasting is right! I would love to try the one that looks like some kind of pastry with cherry tomatoes on top. The cherry's are my favorite.
    I love your bountiful basket header photo!

  4. That party sounds very tasty to me!


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