Monday, September 8, 2014

Cooper's Birthday...

 Another beautiful day.

 I spent a lot of time on Senior Center business both there and at home.  Very frustrating today.

After that, it was all about Cooper.  At 5pm we met at the Stoneyard...his choice for dinner.

 When he blew out the candle at the top of the card, it sang Happy Birthday to him.

 We had all kinds of wings.  Garlic/parm, country sweet, hot Buffalo...and more.

Gary and I like to have a salad with ours.

 Ice cream afterwards.

 The boys love to sit on the back of Scott's truck.

 Home in time to do chores.
 Such a beautiful evening.

Nap time.
Night all.


  1. What a nice birthday! Love that card.

  2. Great card. Looks like a nice birthday. I'm sure he had fun.

  3. what a card, and a great time was had by all, Happy Birthday Cooper, I know, it's late, but all Best Wishes to you. Cheers,Jean.

  4. Love all the family pictures! Happy Birthday Coop! The pictures of me with Pistol were taken by Buffy -- Brett was in the house resting his knee.

  5. Lovely shots. Looks like Cooper had a great day.

  6. Happy birthday Cooper!

    & Your veggie basket looks absolutely perfect Lori!

  7. Aw, great day for Coop, and looks like yum for all . . . xx

  8. Aw, great day for Coop, and looks like yum for all . . . xx


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