Sunday, September 14, 2014

150 Pictures Later...

Check out that temperature!
 It was a beautiful morning.

 Around 9 Hank arrived with a load of 2nd cutting.

 I wanted to make sure it was good and dry, so we did not stack it yet.
 Probably the best hay I've found in years.  My regular hay guy still has a lot more hay to bale, and the weather has not been cooperating.  Had to buy this so my soon to be 30 year old Berlin has some good eats this winter.  Still need at least 50 more bales.
 Picked some veggies and cleaned up a couple bedrooms as Mary Pat is staying here tonight and tomorrow and thecrazysheeplady and Saint Tim will be here on Friday.  Lots of company.

 Gary put the plexiglass windows in Berlin's stall for me so she does not freeze tonight.  After that he went down to the Welcome Center for his shift.

At 3 we went to the Morgan Manning House to celebrate the retirement of

 Eunice the Biker Chick.
  Eunice was a volunteer at the Morgan Manning House (Historical Society) 47 years ago.
She spent the last 37 employed there and today she was being honored by a full house.

 I was there to take pictures and Gary was there to speak, as a past president who worked closely with Eunice.
 Eunice has written many books over the years and one of them was about fast food in Brockport.  Mary Lynne turned one of her writings into a rap.
 Here is the beginning...
 and below is the rest, which I shot in the wrong format.  Can I turn that around?
Very clever.

 Many people spoke...

 and Eunice was presented with a plaque
 along with this beautiful pearl necklace (created by the current Morgan Manning President, Alicia Fink).  As you can see, there are two separate pieces and the thinner one holds the key to the MM House.  A perfect gift.

 After we toasted her, Eunice had a chance to speak.

 Then it was time for cake and conversation.

This is Mary Pat...remember her?  My favorite model.  She's the one coming over to the farm for a couple of nights.  We lost her to North Carolina last year.

When we got home, my friend Jackie was waiting to pick up some veggies and sunflowers.
Then, Mary Pat arrived...I started dinner and went out to do chores.
 Poor Angel is still very gimpy.

 I managed to make a yummy dinner.  Stir fried veggies with sweet and sour pork over lomain with a side of bananas and peaches.
And I am still not finished...
Cooper had his birthday party (sleepover) last night and Jenny sent me some fabulous pictures.

Now I am finished.
Night all.

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  1. Eunice, you totally gorgeous gal, what a record number of years, to be in one place, and you so deserve that wonderful celebration. Congrats from way down under. Lori, another jam-packed day from dawn. to hay, love the way he uses the tractor front to load the trailer in, celebrations, family photos, then scrummy dinner. Sleep well, hugs,Jean


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