Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't Even Ask....

Another glorious day of not being able to load pictures onto my computer OR iPad from my camera.  So this is all I have to offer.  No good shots of the horses, the moon, our drumming practice or the rest of the things we did today.
After chores we went down to the village to sell Duck Derby tickets at the Arts Festival.
I stopped in Arjuna on my way to Java for lunch.  Allison, the new owner, has made some great changes to the shop.

Stopped at the farm market on the way to Sundays on the Canal at the Welcome Center.  Today it was Broadway tunes directed by Liz Banner, featuring several of her current and past students.  They were pros!
Now how in the heck am I going to add a video?

Gary had a late lunch thanks to his pal, George.
Back to the farm for drumming practice (photos on my camera).  We will be performing Thursday night at Summer Serenades along with a dance group from Rochester.

Tucked the girls in before having a late dinner.
Then I drove down the road to catch the sunset...this iPad does not do it justice..
After that, the moon showed up and that's no biggie either.  I quit.

Night all.


  1. Tomorrow will be a better computer day.
    We're moonless too.

  2. Oh Dear, I had hoped all would be fixed by now, And The Perigee Moon, down here too many clouds last night, and even more this morning, Maybe tonight after 6.30 p.m. it might show larger, after all the next one is November 25, 2034!!! Haha, I might not be even able to hold a camera then. Never mind the Ipad problems, todays photos are tops. Cheers,Jean.


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