Thursday, February 27, 2014

Welcome to the Tundra....

Just another beautiful day at Skoog Farm (the Arctic).
 On days like this, the cats and dogs spend a lot more time in the the fire.

 Kind of a strange sunrise.

 It was not too long before we started having lake effect snow off and on.

 Had the need for some French toast when I got in from chores.
It was -1 with the windchill and went downhill from there.
 Made a quick trip to the bank and Weggies before it got any worse out there.  It started blowing like crazy.
 By the time I got back to the farm it looked like this.

 Seymour looks in the window when he is finished with his potty break to tell me he's ready to come back inside.  Sidney just meows next to the kitchen door, and Sophie just waits for the door to open.  All have access to a heated basement and litter boxes, but Sidney goes out to the horse barn instead...or to Gary's barn, where he has several sleeping options.
 It's a good thing we have a decent wood supply...hope it lasts until this weather breaks (if that is a remote possibility).

Abbe, Angel and Maggie were in the indoor for part of the afternoon...

 while poor Berlin toughed it out in the paddock.  I don't think she dared to go past Abbe, who was blocking the entrance.
 By 3:30 I said forget it....

and put them in with some hay and water.
 Went back out at 5:30 to feed grain (with beet pulp and carrots) along with more hay.  It's a good thing I took them each a gallon of hot water as in those two hours it was getting frozen and I had to change all the buckets.
 They were all making faces at me.
 It was 18 degrees in the barn and had to be a least -15 outside.  The weatherman said it should be about -20 with the windchill in the morning.  I'm so excited.

 My little blue sled has been getting quite a workout.
 No desire to cook so I dragged some leftover lasagna out of the freezer and Gary made a salad.
Now, I just want a hot shower.
Night all.


  1. Ack, I can feel that crisp, raw cold. . . and that lasagna looks like a great balance/comfort. . . xx

  2. It really does look arctic! Brrr. Can't believe the girls will even consider going out!

  3. Fitting title word, on "wunderground" you will be colder than Fairbanks, Al., tonight, a wonder anyone would want to venture out at all. Hope that firewood last the rest of the winter. Cheers, Jean.

  4. I love your animals

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  5. The composition of the first photo is brilliant! Wrap up warmly and have a good weekend. Greetings. Jo

  6. Just too cold to do anything. Bet the girls were happy to come in. In front of the fire is the best place to be. Fingers crossed for a break in this weather real soon.

  7. You might feel like you are living in the arctic, but it is beautiful!

  8. Sorry you're finding it to be a tough one although that's why they call it Winter. We've had a rather mild one this year. Crazy winter rains and +30 and up temperatures, but we've also had plenty of -30 and -40 (we never count the windchill). If it makes you feel better remember we have at least a month on both ends making our snow days much longer. I must say, though, it's +24 already and the sun is beautiful out. Might be a good day for a walk. I sure hope your wind lets up. That is the worst!


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