Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Town Board Meeting

 Single digits....

 Finished chores, took a quick shower and was ready for class.

Day 1-first attempt at drawing faces.
Enter "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.
Let's see how this develops.
 Tabby is coming to life.
 Spent the afternoon in front of the fire watching....you know what.

Tuesday night special at Perry's.  Enough for a couple of days.
 Made a salad and we were good to go.

 Ate before chores as we wanted to go to the Town Board Meeting tonight.

Tucked the girls in....
The sunset was beautiful.

Got down to the meeting a little before 7.  Pam was all set with her video camera.
 Many people expressed their opinions for and against giving the 60 Clinton project a tax abatement.  The man below had written an eloquent letter to the Town Board earlier and had more statements to make tonight.  I agree with everything he said (he did his homework).
 It was a pretty peaceful meeting....considering....
 It's hard for many of the people in attendance to understand why they would not approve someone coming in and restoring this historical building.  (To the tune of a million or more).  It would improve the entire street and would motivate others to join in, making it a centerpiece for the village.

 Gary ended up speaking in response to some statements from the opposition, and made a lot of sense.
 So did Richard F., who asked for some cooperation between the Village and Town Boards (they have been at odds as long as I can remember).  This is a real opportunity.
 The last speaker was Pam K., who is the leader of the Pro Brockport group.  She organized the "Heart Bombing" and has been very active in the community in a very positive way.  They have accomplished so much in a short time...much of it done with volunteers and an abundance of great ideas. 

After the comments period they went through a series of resolutions.  When they got to the one about 60 Clinton Street, not one board member would make a motion so it died.  Many felt that was the plan and were very disappointed.  Who knows what is going to be next.  For what reason would any Town Board not want to have a Historical property brought back instead of sitting there rotting away (when someone wants to sink a ton of money into it)?  They have given so many abatements to others, why not this one?
Most of the people at the meeting who support the abatement, are the same one's who volunteer, donate money, support projects and love Brockport.  This should have nothing to do with politics.  Hopefully this is not a dead issue and something can be worked out.

How do you feel about giving back to your community?
Night all.


  1. How frustrating. And it seems so foolish...if the building is vacant they aren't collecting tax revenue on it anyway? I wonder what's brewing inside the town board that would make them drag their feet on something that seems a no-brainer.

  2. That's a shame. When theses sorts of things happen it makes you wonder if there isn't an ulterior motive by someone on the panel who's influencing the rest. Or if it's just pure stubbornness or stupidity. The restoration of this building is a win win girls everyone involved.

  3. I do hope they are reconsidering after hearing everyone out. There seems to be a lot of passion as well as common sence here.

  4. It's politics, politics, politics.
    I guess the "Wrong Person" wants to renovate 60 Clinton St.
    I bet the son/daughter/cousin/best friend etc etc of a Board Member is waiting in the wings for the project to be turned down so he/she can snap it up at a bargain price.

    (I'm so cynical after observing Irish politics for the last 20 years. Sorry)


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