Monday, February 10, 2014


 Started off the day with another amazing sunrise.

 I guess I had better brush off Berlin's blanket, now that the dirt has dried.  She rolled in the indoor after being covered with snow

 Blue skies....
 blue sled...what would I do without it?

 After chores I shoveled most of the driveway before Gary got home from Java.  The pile near the paddock gate is now over my head.

 As soon as Gary got here it started to snow again.
 Shredded paper in front of the fire this afternoon....too cold to do it out in the barn.  Need to start putting it in the stalls again.

Out to do evening chores a little after 5 and actually got in before dark.

 As expected, we had a fresh salad and leftovers from last night.
Time for a long, hot shower.
Night all.


  1. How is everyone doing in this endless cold spell?

  2. Hooray for blue skies! You were overdue.

  3. Winter looks so gorgeous where you are!

  4. Your place always looks so beautiful and peaceful

  5. Beautiful sunrise. Bet Berlin couldn't care less about her dirty blanket with these temps. -4 here this morning. Expecting 8-9 inches more snow tomorrow. Enough is enough.

    Hang in there. Can't wait until this all melts. Then again that just starts the mud season for a while.


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