Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One More Time...

How many days until spring?  And what will spring be like?
The storm warnings have been given all day long...6-12 inches by tomorrow night.  Is this going to be the new typical winter???

At least we had a beautiful sunrise.

 Except for having to skate down the driveway, it was not a bad morning.

Class at 10:30.  Lais was back from Brazil and started on a wax collage.  What a concept.
 Tina worked on her pencil drawing....
 and Joanne was well on her way with her 2nd texture/pen and ink drawing.
 By the end of class, the cat was in the foreground with more detail.
 Tina is ready to transfer her drawing of Tabby.
 After they left, we had lunch and Gary went to Agape.  I made a bean salad.
 Chores at 5.  Gary was kind enough to carry in the grain and beet pulp I bought yesterday and put it in the containers in the feed room.  I bought the WRONG grain and he had already taken it out of the bags!  Damn!  So, I went back down to Country Max and got a couple more bags of what I really wanted so I would have plenty if this storm goes crazy.
Tucked the girls in before I left.
 We bought new stools for the kitchen and they came in today.  Sort of a Mission style, and very comfortable.
 That's it for a long time.  We are through with the downstairs projects.

 Thawed out some corn chowder for dinner....took the easy way out.
 Now it's time to take a shower and get my butt in front of that fire.
Night all.


  1. It's here now...this is one to watch out for! Just started about an hour ago and it's been ice-snow-ice-snow. But I'm prepared. Just hope the power doesn't go out. Gorgeous sunrise photo. And I like the pattern on your blue and white china

  2. It looks like that darned snow will be there for a while yet.I might gloat just a tiny wee bit, we have 26C, 78F, summer still here ,hanging in by a thread as leaves change colour. We use "Metservice" for NZ weather, I use "wunderground" for weather anywhere else, a very comprehensive site. Take care on that skate to the front gate, Cheers from Jean.

  3. Just got the snow cleaned up from yesterday. Now tonight and tomorrow more snow. They've already closed the schools. Oh well, a few more weeks til Spring.

    Beautiful sunrise. The art is looking great.

  4. We haven't had any snow but it is cold. Right now at 9 it is 22F.
    Nice shots the horses. MB

  5. I'm making corn chowder today. Are those carrots in there? Are those beets too?

  6. Incredible 'header shot' Lori! And that sunrise was a stunner!
    Getting 'your snow' here now. Thanks.


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